Access to Statements: Patients get anytime online access to their statements.
Blind Payments: Patients can make payments on accounts not yet associated in the system.
Flexible Payment Tools: Patients can make single pay quick payments and enroll in payment plans provided by providers using their credit card, debit card, or an eCheck/ACH payment.

Hospital Branded Portal: The PATIENTREV portal is fully customizable to fit each provider’s brand identity and is fully integrated into their website.
Payment Storage: My Wallet patient payment storage solution for easy transacting.
Secure Online Communication: PATIENTREV live online messaging tool will allow patients to engage in secure, trackable online communication with provider service representatives.

Simple Account Management: Patients receive anytime access to billing and payment information and can manage multiple accounts.
SMS Text Messaging and Email Alerts: Patients can opt in for email and text message reminders -- improving the billing experience.